Our ADBLUE Canisters are available with an inbuilt flexible spout. This spout ensures the easy pouring of the filling material. 

The semi-transparent plastic allows the product level within to be easily seen, so it is perfect for showcasing the natural colour of your product. The belonging closure is our DIN45 Cap that comes in various colours and it also has a guaranteering that provides security before opening.

Perfect packaging solution for redistributing from larger storage. The practical spout is located in the side wall of the canister, which ensures quick access!

The used manufacturing technology is the extrusion bottle blowing, which results in the canister for the desired chemical, fuel, antifreeze, rinse aid, detergent, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, pesticide, AdBlue canister, bottle or even ADR, UN packaging for hazardous materials.

Our canisters are popular for the storage and transportation of cleaning detergents, household chemicals, lubricating oil, chemicals, DIY, food products and more. The flat sides of the canister make adding your own branding easy, whilst the natural colour allows you to easily introduce this product into your existing product line.

Basically, our products are manufactured in natural color but of course, in the case of sufficient number of ordered products we can implement custom color concepts as well.

The advantage of the HDPE canisters is that they can be easily and completely recycled when collected selectively.


Number of pictures: 12 pcs
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