About our company

Hód Plast Ltd. was founded in 1998 and is a 100% Hungarian-owned company. Since our foundation we have been producing HDPE, PP, HDPE-PA COEX, HDPE/PP-EVOH COEX bottles, cans and caps for bottles and cans in various sizes up to 25 litres.

  • Our bottles and cans are filled with a wide range of materials from dishwashing detergents and rinsing agents, distilled water, antifreeze, thinners, motor oil, etc., almost all over the country and in many EU and non-EU countries.

  • Our range of products is constantly expanding, with new shapes of bottles and cans coming onto the market from time to time.

  • Our most popular bottle and can products are also ADR approved, making them suitable for the safe storage of hazardous substances. We always strive for maximum quality and flexibility when fulfilling our partners' orders, while fully complying with the requirements of our ISO9001 compliant quality management system.

  • We have a number of our own production tools, but we can of course also meet individual requirements, i.e. we can also manufacture products with tools brought in. We can also produce new tools on short notice (3-4 weeks), according to our customers' requirements. We also undertake the contract manufacture of bottles, cans and caps on favourable terms. We have the personnel and equipment to handle orders of several hundred thousand pieces per month.
  • We have significant storage capacity and can provide immediate delivery of our main products.

  • We can deliver our products to our customers on demand using our own means of transport.

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