Recycled canisters

Recycled canisters

Hód Plast Ltd. takes another step in its commitment to sustainability by providing its partners with canisters made of 100%* recycled rHDPE plastic and 100% recyclable.

Green Line products are made from high-quality 98% recycled plastic (PCR-Post Consumer Recycled) from pre-selected municipal waste and promote the circular economy. The remaining 2% is the masterbatch, which determines the color of the product. Our products that are made from recycled rHDPE are only available in gray as shown on the photos or darker colors.

This step is in line with the sustainability strategy of Hód Plast Ltd. and the company's commitment to reducing the environmental impact of disposable plastic packaging materials, which is also reflected in the 2025 Strategic Plan for the Packaging Circuit.


Our canisters are popular for storing and transporting cleaning liquids and detergents, household chemicals and oil based liquids. Recycled rHDPE cans are not suitable for packaging ADR-compliant, aggressive chemicals and food products.


The advantage of the new rHDPE plastic canisters is that they can be easily and completely recycled when collected selectively.


* Except paint

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